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Folk line up 2018
Friday: Ross Ainslie&Jarlath Henderson Trio (sco) - Hò-rò (sco)
Saturday: Elephant Sessions (sco) - Sam Kelly Trio (uk) - Firkin (hun) - Calum Stewart Quartet (sco-bret) - Laura Beth Salter&Jenn Butterworth (sco) - Lyy (swe)
Sunday : Calum Stewart Trio (sco-bret) - Old Salt (b-usa-swe-fr-sco) - The Scots Guards (sco) - Botswing (b) - Lyy (swe) - Ryan Young (sco) - Snakes in Exile (b)





Calum Stewart Quartet (Sco-Bret)
Saturday 18.30-19.30 Concert tent
Sunday 14.00-14.30  The Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday 15.30-16.30 Riding school

Top-notch act Calum Stewart is one of the most leading uilleann pipers on the Scottish scene. Powerful, lyrical, that knocks the door down! Not averse to cross-overs with Scottish, Breton and Irish influences with a modern instrumentation.....topped off with a Breton band. Calum Stewart for ever!!

Calum Stewart : uilleann pipes, flute, low whistle
Ronan Pellen : bouzouki
Yann Le Bozec : double bass




Lyy (Swe)
Saturday 15.30-16.30  Riding school
Sunday 13.15-13.45 The Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday 14.30-15.30 Concert tent

The light-footed, refreshing pop-oflk music by Lyy radiates a blend of traditional & modern times, groovy interpretations and dynamic arrangements with occasional jazzy characters. This straightforward Swedish folk is bulking with desire and positive vibes. Right from the start you’ll imagine yourself in a midsummernight’s celebration brimmed with vitality and joie de vivre!

Emma Björling : vocals
Anna Lindblad : fiddle
David Eriksson : nyckelharpa
Petrus Johansson : guitar
Martin Norberg : drums, percussions



Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson Trio (Sco)
Friday 20.30-22.00 Dance tent
Saturday 14.00-14.30 The Incredible Acoustic Marquee

This top piping duo is keen to test all musical boundaries of their instruments. Ainslie&Henderson have grown to become the epitome of the Celtic piping scene. Their daring and lived-through arrangements immediately take you by the throat,  bringing wonderful tickling to dance across your spine ... Ross & Jarlath will easily raise you to seventh heaven!
Ross Ainslie : border pipes
Jarlath Henderson : uilleann pipes, low whistle
Ali Hutton : guitar



Ryan Young (Sco)
Sunday 13.30-14.30  Riding school

The inspiring and pure fiddle playing of rising talent Ryan Young gives traditional tunes a characteristic and unique individuality. His fragile, but determined presence is that extra touch that makes a concert addictive. This performance may well be burned in your brains forever!
Ryan Young : fiddle
Jenn Butterworth : guitar



Snakes in Exile (B)
Sunday 15.45-16.15  The Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday 18.00-19.30  Dance tent

Our house band is whipping up the folk scene again. Their unbridled folk rock, polyphonic pearls, idiosyncratic covers and their own compositions will go down to the pit of your stomach again. Even a tone deaf ice queen could not resist the sympathetic stage appearance of these four gentlemen. The won’t stop until the last ounce of energy has left your body!

Peter Van Aken : vocals, accordion, bodhran
Luc Baillieul : vocals, guitar, bodhran
Gert Meulemans : vocals, bass
Kristiaan Malisse : vocals, drums, percussions



Botswing (B)
Saturday  14.45-15.30  The Incredible Acoustic Marquee
Sunday  13.00-14.00 Concert tent

Upbeat jigs and reels, rougher songs and quiet melodies are this rowdy lot’s trademark, to put it in their own words. Their pure ‘take it as it comes’ attitude breathes a casual atmosphere that takes you to the  local pub in any Irish or Scottish village. Tap your toe!

Dimitri Claes : bodhran, Flemish bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes, low whistle, vocals
Erik Gielis : flute, piccolo, tin whistle
Lode Leyssens : fiddle
Jos Tielens : guitar, bodhran, banjo, vocals
Armand Wynands : bass, vocals
Michel Wynands : accordion, vocals



Firkin (Hun)
Saturday  23.30-01.00  Concert tent

Irish ambiance from the Hungarian puszta! This smashing interpretation of the Irish classics that might be well-know to you, will push a rush of energy through your veins. The stirring atmosphere of this seven will pull you into a sweltering closing on Saturday.
Barni : vocals
Lili Virag: fiddle
Péter Janos : flute, whistle
Bazsi : electric guitar  
Shuti : bass
Ese : drums, vocals



Laura-Beth Salter&Jenn Butterworth (Sco)
Saturday   14.00-15.00  Riding school
Saturday   15.45-16.15  The Incredible Acoustic Marquee

Tight rhythms, fragile ballads and two voices that fit together perfectly. Their self-made songs and fresh arrangements sound as much American, English as Scottish. The Salter & Butterworth repertoire spans the entire Anglo-Saxon song repertoire. An engaging and sensitive concert awaits you!

Laura-Beth Salter : mandolin, vocals
Jenn Butterworth : guitar, vocals



Old Salt (B-US-Swe-Fr-Sco)
Sunday  16.00-17.00  Concert tent

Bluegrass with balls! The internationally diverse Old Salt threads together an exciting mix of Dan Wall songs with traditionals ranging from New Orleans across the Appalachians to the East American states. Straight, energetic, occasionally a bit raw, virtuoso and a lot of panache ... Old Salt conjures up that joy that only come alive to excellent bluegrass!
Dan Wall: banjo, fiddle, vocals
Lotte Remmen: fiddle, vocals
Lara Rosseel: double bass, vocals
Johannes Wannyn: guitar, vocals
Anton Teljebäck: 5-string viola
Dave Barfoot: percussions
Toby Kuhn : 5-string cello



Hò-rò (Sco)
Friday 22.30-24.00  Dance tent

Tight beats, balanced harmonies, virtuoso instruments and excellent vocals. Hò-rò has fascinating energetic arrangements and bold interpretations. They perfectly combine their traditional Highland tunes with the lively storylines of the Scots’ songs. A concert straight from the Scottish highlands!
Calum  MacPhail : accordion    
Sean Cousins : guitar    
Crisdean MacDonald : bagpipes, whistle
Lucy Doogan : fiddle, vocals    
David MacMilan : drums




Elephant Sessions (Sco)
Saturday  21.30-23.00  Concert tent

Contagious neo-trad, spicy instrumentals, swinging arrangements, folk with rock-balls. The powerful variety of Elephant Sessions stands out with the passion for their Scottish roots. This spicy concert full of beats and amazing riffs will surely light you up!

Alasdair Taylor : mandolin
Seth Tinsley : bass
Ewan Smillie : fiddle
Gerg Barry : drums
Mark Bruce : electric guitar




Sam Kelly Trio (uk)
Saurday 20.00-21.00  Concert tent

A unique voice, brilliant arrangements, music that stands the test of time.....with endless enthusiasm, Sam Kelly meanders from traditional to modern and navigates his way along flashing tunes, sparkling ballads and mighty songs. This trio’s soul and beat will linger in your heads for a long time!

Sam Kelly : vocals, guitar
Jamie Francis : banjo
Evan Carson : drums &percussion



The Band of the Scots Guards (uk)
Sunday 11.30-12.30  Concert tent

An absolute must-see for our 2018 edition. The Band of The Scots Guards, music band in the regiment of the same name that was formed in 1642 as the personal guards to Charles I of England and Scotland. The band itself originated at the start of the 18th century and has grown into one of the most famous brassbands in the world. We’ll serve you classy apetizer to kick-off your Sunday