Frequently asked questions

· Are dogs allowed on the festival grounds? Yes, dogs are allowed when they are kept on a leash.
· Can I also buy my ticket at the entrance? Sure you can. You can buy tickets in pre-sale as well as at the box office at the entrance.
· Can we pay by culture vouchers? Yes, we accept (valid) culture vouchers from both Sodexo and Edenred.
· Are the grounds accessible by wheelchair? Yes. Close to the entrance, there is also a special parking for people with a special disabled card.
· I ordered my tickets but never received a confirmation e-mail. Then please contact us as soon as possible at info@schotsweekend.be We will verify and will send you the confirmation e-mail, or we will let you know when we have not received your order.
· Can I pay with my bank card? At the entrance you can not pay by bank card, they will only accept cash payments. But at the sales stands for food-and drinks vouchers, you will be able to pay by band card.
· Can I pay by credit card? No, this functionality is not available anywhere.
Do you still have a question that was not answered above? Send an e-mail to info@schotsweekend.be and we will reply as soon as possible.