Drum majors

Drum Majors (PBCB entry form)

The Drum Major competition is part of the Belgian Pipe Band Championship.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the competitions for Dress and Marching & Discipline and to enjoy the Scottish Weekend. Until then, we wish you and your pipeband a lot of success in the ongoing season.

You can find more information on the Drum Majors competition on this website or you can contact the PB coordinator Rens van Amelsvoort.

Regulations - Registration & payment - Prizes - Transport & parking - Day's shedule - Adjudicators - Results



The Drum Majors competition will be organised following the rules of the R.S.P.B.A. and is part of the Pipe Band Championship. The competition will be judged by an official adjudicator assigned by the R.S.P.B.A. 


Junior/Juvenile (younger than 18) 
Adult (over 18).

In their category the Drum Majors will participate in "Dress" and "Marching & Discipline".
The organisation can decide to divide the participants in different heats. However, a maximum of 5 Drum Majors can participate in the same heat.

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Registration &Payment

Drum Majors wishing to register for the competition can do so through the entry form.  Even when you are travelling to the Scottish Weekend with a participating pipeband, you need to register yourself with this entry form.
You can also enroll on the day of the competition at the PBCB registration desk on the competition site up to 10 o'clock.

To avoid unnecessary bank costs, we advise you to pay the entry fee in cash (euro).

Timely registration will insure you that you will receive the competition time table and all other practical information well in advance and will allow us time to secure the time table and provide the spectators with the correct information. 

Entry fee 

To participate in the Drum Majors competition you pay € 6,50.

Participating in the competition will only be possible if you have paid the complete entry fee before the start of the competition.


Drum Majors travelling to the Scottish Weekend with a pipeband will receive their free entry bracelets from their band's representative. Next, you need to announce yourself at the PBCB registration desk before 10 o'clock to pay your entry fee.

When you are travelling to the Scottish Weekend individually, you need to report to the main entrance ( Roelandt Du Vivierlaan) in kilt. There, you will receive your free entrance bracelet to the competition area. Next, you need to announce yourself at the PBCB registration desk before 10 o'clock to pay your entry fee.  

The free entrance bracelets are only valid on Saturday.

Drum Major's companion

Each participating Drum Major can bring 1 companion to the Scottish Weekend.  This accompanying person will also receive a free entrance bracelet on Saturday.

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Drum Majors participating in the competition can win a trophy and a cash amount of:

  1-st Place 2-nd Place 3-rd Place
Juniors  € 25  € 20 € 15
Adults € 30  € 25  € 20

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Transport &Parking

The organisation of the Scottish Weekend provides a reserved carpark for participants in the Drum Majors competition, even when net travelling to Alden Biesen with a Pipe Band.  This carpark is close to the competition site. Please follow the signs 'auto parking PBCB' leading you to the reserved carpark. 
For the use of this reserved carpark, a (free) Parking Card is needed. Requests for parking cards need to be sent to PB coordinator Rens van Amelsvoort before September 1st.

Foreign participants can have detailed information about transport in Belgium. Send your request to Rens van Amelsvoort. Participants need to organise their own transport, we will only provide the contact information.

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Day's shedule

10.00   GRADE 4 RING 1
12.30   GRADE 3 RING 1
13.30 GRADE 2 RING 1

All Drum Majors will gather at the tuning area at xx:xx  for the Massed Band, possibly with their pipe band. One by one they will march past the main stage and onto the compitition area.

During the Massed Band, the prize distribution ceremony will go as follows:

Drum Majors Junior/Juveniles
Drum Major Adults
Pipe Bands Grade 4
Pipe Bands Grade 3
Pipe Bands Grade 2
Pipe Bands Grade 1
Pipe Bands Open Grade

The best Drum Corps in each grade
The best Drum Corps in general
The best Bass Drum Corps in general
The best band in  "Mar­ching and Discipline"
Spectators' award: The Best Band "On Parade"

Right after the Massed Band, the score sheets for both Pipe Bands and Drum Majors can be collected at the registration desk.

The time table for the Belgian Pipe Band Championships will be announced from 1 September.

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The adjudicators for the Belgian Pipe Band Championships, Drum Major Contest and Piping&Drumming Competition. 

Piping:                  John McCarlie
                                  Jim Semple   

Drumming:         Paul Brown                

Ensemble:           Gordon Graig

Drum majors:     Heather Finlay

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