Scottish market

The Scottish Market

Schotse markt 1Every year, thousands of Scotland lovers and Celtic culture enthusiasts come down to the Scottish Weekend! All weekend long, visitors get to enjoy the Belgian Pipe Band competition, the Highland Dancing competition, the Highland Games, the folk music performances, different forms of (children’s) entertainment ánd the Scottish market, among other things.

The Scottish market is a much sought-after and indispensable part of the Scottish Weekend. Every year again, there’s great interest for the Scottish market, thanks to the unique assortment and the sociable atmosphere. For years, it has been thé place to score some Scottish bagpipes, Celtic and Medieval garments and accessories, glassware, British lifestyle products, whisky and so much more.

Because of the high number of visitors, the Scottish market is the perfect opportunity to tempt (new) customers with your products. Additionally, every exhibitor will be highlighted on our website, so that our guests can still find your details even after the festival is over. Every year, we welcome around 35 exhibitors, domestic and foreign. Do you also want to be part of this picturesque market? Then register yourself by sending an email to, before 15 August 2019!