Landcommandery Alden Biesen
✓  Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen, België
✓  In the Belgian province of Limburg, on the territory of the city of Bilzen;
✓  Surrounding cities: Hasselt, Tongeren, Luik, Maastricht (NL) & Aachen (DE)
✓  Easily accessible:
        -  From the Netherlands via highway E313
        -  From Germany via highway E314 - E313
        -  Take exit 31 Bilzen-Hoeselt, and follow the signs to “Alden Biesen”

Public Transport
Bilzen station is easily accessible thanks to the national and international services fo the Belgian Railway Company (NMBS). 
Touring company De Zigeuner will provide free shuttle services between Bilzen station and the Scottish Weekend on Saturday and Sunday. 
All competitors come to the landcommandery of Alden Biesen with their own transportation. We provide reserved parking spaces near the competition grounds. Transportation can be arranged through our Touring Company De Zigeuner.

Free shuttle service 
On Saturday and Sunday 
Depart Bilzen Station – Arrival Alden Biesen
10.10u.                   -                   10.30u.
11.10u.                   -                   11.30u.
12.10u.                   -                   12.30u.
13.10u.                   -                   13.30u.
14.10u.                   -                   14.30u.
15.10u.                   -                   15.30u.
16.10u.                   -                   16.30u.
Depart Alden Biesen - Arrival Bilzen Station
Boarding at the bus stop in front of the castle.
17.00u.                    -                   17.30u.
18.00u.                    -                   18.30u.
19.00u.                    -                   19.30u.
20.00u.                    -                   20.30u.
21.00u.                    -                   21.30u.